Thomas A. Aller Optometrist Inc.

Thomas A. Aller Optometrist Inc.
Thomas A. Aller Optometrist Inc.
Their facility is a complete eye care center with three exam rooms, an automated pre-testing room and a spacious eyewear dispensary complete with all the latest designer frames.

Thomas A. Aller Optometrist Inc. has the following capabilities at their San Bruno facility:

Computerized and manual vision testing;
Fast automated peripheral vision testing;
Optos Panoramic digital retinal photography;
Video documentation capturing a permanent digital image of the eye’s condition with cameras and microscopes;
Corneal mapping for laser vision and corneal reshaping management and contact lens design;
Four different methods for gentle eye pressure measurement, including the world’s least annoying method;
On-site laboratory for excellent quality eyeglasses in about an hour;
Latest eyeglass lens cast-molding to create the thinnest lenses with the best optical quality in clear lenses and Transitions;
And they have 800 frames on display, including lines such as Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Silhouette, Michael Kors, Christian Dior, Kate Spade, Tommy Bahama, Aspex and Takumi Magnetic Clip-ons, Flexon, Nike, and many more.
(650) 871-1816
711 Kains Ave
San Bruno, CA