Fireworks Booth with the Community

Throughout this past week, we decided to run a Fireworks booth!

The whole San Bruno Chamber of Commerce pitched in as we set about providing a safe entertainment to the rest of the community, so that we can all celebrate our Nation’s Independence together! We had so many great volunteers and customers, we thoroughly enjoyed swapping ideas and engaging in festivities with such a wide range of people.

Independence Day is a time when we can celebrate our country, and the growth that we have seen these past few centuries. It is a time when we can take stock of our greatest achievements and our most disappointing errors. Together, we all are able to pull our families and communities close as we barbecue on our lawns, bathe in the hot sun, and ultimately gaze up to the night sky to see whatever local fireworks show may be on.

The best part may even be the parents that visit fireworks booths so that they may be able to share some memories with their children. Watching a father explain what a “snake” will do after applying a match, or a mother explaining why it would be dangerous to buy “bottle rockets” in such a hot place as California, is easily one of the most rewarding experiences that we shared this week.

We hope you all had a marvelous holiday, and we wish you a prosperous and joyous summer!

The Chamber would also like to give a special thanks to those volunteers who dedicated a significant amount of their time to our fireworks booth, without which Jamie and Pam would have been destitute. Thank you Steve Kotik, Joey Oliva, and Barbara Einsiedl for all of your hard work!

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