State and Federal Labor Law Posters on Sale

By both federal and state law, you are responsible to ensure compliance with revised 2018 labor law posting requirements and must replace any outdated notices. In addition to recent posting updates, state agencies are constantly updating their mandatory state postings. Our labor law posters are reviewed annually by attorneys to ensure accuracy and completeness and are kept up-to-date throughout the year by our compliance research team.

State and Federal Labor Law Posters on Sale

Recent federal labor law revisions include seven major updates:

    • ➤ Increased penalties for violating OSHA and EPPA posting requirements (effective 1/2018)
    • ➤ Revisions to the mandatory USERRA Rights notice (revised 4/2017)
    • ➤ Revised EEOC final rule increasing fines for posting violations by 150% (effective 7/2016)
    • ➤ Revised Employee Polygraph Protection Act notice (revised 7/2016)
    • ➤ The Fair Labor Standards Act notice (revised 7/2016)
    ➤ Two revised 2018 IRS notices

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